Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AccessDeniedRedirectRenderDecorator Catches 403 and redirects to login page, if user is not already logged in
AccessRenderDecorator Allow access only for logged in users (of given role)
AdminDashboard Default dashboard implementation for admins
AnonymousCacheManager Cache manager that caches only if user is not logged in
AtomWriter Build Atom file, targeted by FeedWriter class
Binaries Facade class for binaries
BinariesBaseController Defines a view route for binaries
BinariesCacheManager Caches content client side, but not server side
BlockRepository The block repository allows naming of blocks and easy enabling/disableing them
CachedBlock A block that caches its content
CacheHeadersPageView An overloaded PageView to serve other cache headers
CacheMemcacheImpl Cache Persistance using Memcache
CacheXCache12Impl Cache Persistance using XCache 1.2
CacheXCache13Impl Cache Persistance using XCache 1.3
CacheXCacheImpl Cache Persistance using XCache
ChangeemailConfirmationHandler Confirm email change
ChangepasswordConfirmationHandler Confirm password change
CKEditor Component to include CKEditor on your page
CKEditorConfig CKEditor config
CleanupSchedulerBaseCommand Find tasks that have crashed and treat them as failed
CleanupSchedulerCommand Run the next job in scheduler list
CLEditor Component to include CLEditor on your page
CLEditorConfig CLEditor config
ClickTrackInjecter Helper class for click track injction
ConfigBinaries Binaries config options
ConfigCacheHeaders CacheHeaders config options
ConfigImageTools Config class for image tools
ConfigJCSSManager Config Options for JCSSManager
ConfigJQuery JQuery Config options
ConfigJQueryUI JQueryUI Config options
ConfigScheduler Defines Scheduler Config Options
ConfigSearchIndex Config options for search index
ConfigUsermanagement Usermanagement config options
ConfigYAML Config for CSS YAML module
ConfirmationHandlerBase Base class for handling confirmation requests
Confirmations Confirmations facade class
ConfirmationsController Confirmation controller
ConfirmEmailUsersBaseCommand Confirm email of user
ConfirmemailUsersCommand Confirm a user's email address
ConfirmPasswordUsersBaseCommand Confirm assword change of user
ConfirmpasswordUsersCommand Confirm a user's password change
ConfirmUserDataRenderDecorator A render decorator that forces users to confirm or update their account data
ContactBaseController Defines a view route for contact forms
ContactController Controller for Contact form
ConverterHtmlPurifier Convert HTML to purified HTML
ConverterHtmlPurifierAutoParagraph Convert HTML to purified HTML, automatically inserting paragraphps
ConverterPunycode Converter from and to punycode
ConverterTextPlaceholders Replace place holders
ConverterTwitter Converte a twitter message into HTML
ConverterUnidecode ASCII transliterations of unicode text
Countries Facade class for countries
CreateaccountConfirmationHandler Confirm account creation
CreateBinariesBaseCommand Create a binary, including binaray data
CreateBinariesCommand Create a binary
CreateConfirmationsCommand Create a confirmation
CreateNotificationsCommand Create a notifcation and send a mail, if necessary
CreatePermanentloginsCommand Create a permanent login
CreateSchedulerBaseCommand Overload create command, to respect excusive paramter
CreateSchedulerCommand Overload create command, to respect excusive paramter
CreateUsersBaseCommand Create a user command to be overloaded
CreateUsersCommand Create a user
CreateVotesBaseCommand Comamdn to create a vote
CreateVotesCommand Comamdn to create a vote
CSSDefaultStylesEventSink EventSink to deal with Content change on domain or HtmlPage
CSSYamlEventSink EventSink to deal with Content change on domain or HtmlPage
DAOBinaries DAO class for Binaries
DAOBinariesdata DAO class for Binaries data
DAOConfirmations Table Definition for confirmations
DAOContinents Model class for continetns
DAOCountries Model class for countries
DAOCountries2countriesgroups Model class for assigning countries to groups
DAOCountriesgroups Model class for country groups
DAOCountriestranslations Model class for translation of country names
DAOHijackaccountsavedsessions Created on 26.11.2006
DAONotifications Model for notifications
DAONotificationsexceptions Manage norification subcriptions
DAONotificationssettings Manage norification subcriptions
DAOPermanentlogins Table Definition for permanentlogins
DAOScheduler DAO Class for Scheduler
DAOSearchindex Searchindex default implementation
DAOSystemUsers A fake user class to use as system user
DAOTokens Tokens DAO class
DAOTweets Stored tweets
DAOUserroles Table Definition for userroles
DAOUsers Table Definition for users
DAOUsers2userroles Table Definition for users
DAOVotes Model class for Votes
DAOVotesaggregates Model class for Votes
DashboardBase Dashboard base class
DataObjectPostBase Model class for a rich content item
DataObjectPostOriginatedBase A post that has an origin (auithor, license, etc)
DataObjectSearchIndexSphinxBase Model base class for an application wide search index
DataObjectSphinxBase A DataObject class for Sphinx indexes
DBDriverSphinx DB Driver for Sphinx full text index
DBFieldInstanceReference A field holding a reference to an instance
DBFieldTextEmail A field to hold an email
DBFieldTextHtml A DB Text field holding HTML that automatically gets converted on storage
DBFieldTextHtmlPurified A DB Text field holding HTML that automatically gets purified before it is written to DB
DBFieldTextUrl A field to hold an URL
DBFieldTristate An tristate enum field
DBFilterGroupEnum Convenience class for creating a filter on an enum value
DBFilterMultiColumn A filter containing several columns to apply to a search result
DBFilterMultiColumnItem One Item for a multicolum Filter
DBFilterOnLinkedTable Execute a given filter on a linked table, rather than the primary table
DBResultSetCountSphinx Result set for Sphinx count queries
DBResultSetSphinx Result set for Sphinx
DBSqlBuilderCountSphinx Count Query Builder for Sphinx
DBSqlBuilderDeleteSphinx Delete Query Builder for Sphinx
DBSqlBuilderInsertSphinx Insert Query Builder for Sphinx
DBSqlBuilderSelectSphinx Select Query Builder for Sphinx
DBSqlBuilderSReplaceSphinx Replace Query Builder for Sphinx
DBSqlBuilderUpdateSphinx Update Query Builder for Sphinx
DBSqlBuilderWhereGroupSphinx Where Group Query Builder for Sphinx
DBSqlBuilderWhereSphinx Where Clause Query Builder for Sphinx
DBTableDriverSwitch Change driver of given DBTable
DefaultDashboard Default dashboard for all users
DeleteDialogController This controller catches delete commands
DigestNotificationsCommand Send a digest based upon settings
DigestNotificationssettingsCommand Send a digest based upon settings
EditorDashboard Default dashboard for editor
EndPermanentloginsCommand End a permanent login
FeedWriter Basic Feedwriter, extended by IRenderer to fit Gyro style
FeedWriterCategory Data Structure holding a category
FeedWriterEnclosures Date Structure for enclosures
FeedWriterItem Simple Date Structure holding feed item data
FeedWriterTitle Simple Date Structure holding feed data
FetchTweetsCommand Fetch content from twitter
FilterUsername Filter name and emial for user name
GeoCalculator Collection of useful functions related to geo coordinates
GeoCoordinate Class repersenting a coordinate
GyroMemcache Wrapper around memcache/memcached
HijackAccount A class wrapping some stuff regarding hikacking
HijackaccountAccessControl Defauklt Access Control for hijacking accounts
HijackAccountEventSink EventSink to deal with system update
HijackUsersCommand Command to login as another user
IConfirmationHandler Interface for all confirmation handlers to implement
IDashboard Interface for Dashboard implementations
IdentiFrac This is a class to generate so called identifrac image
IGeoLocated Interface for elements having geo coordinates
IHashAlgorithm Interface for Hash algorithm implementations
IImageInformation Interface for image informations
IImageTools Interface for image tool delegations
ImageInformationGD Implements IImageInformation for GD lib
ImageInformationIMagick Image information implementation for IMagick
ImageToolsCalculator Offers some often used calculations for image resizing et al
ImageToolsFactory Wrapper around common image operations
ImageToolsGD Wrapper around common image operations based upon GD
ImageToolsIMagick Wrapper around common image operations based upon IMagick PECL extension
ImageToolsRect A simple data structure representing a rectangle
ImagetoolstestController Provide a visual test page for image tools
InputWidgetHtml A text area for HTML input
InputWidgetHtmlBase A text area for HTML input
InstanceReferenceRoute A route that contains a reference to an instance
InstanceReferenceSerializier Helper to turn an isntance into an array or string and vice versa
IRescheduler Interface for Rescheduler
IRichtTextEditor An Interface for richt text editor implementations
ISearchIndex Interface for a search index
ITextPlaceholder Interface for textplaceholder
JavascriptCKEditorEventSink EventSink to deal with JCSSManager events
JavascriptCLEditorEventSink EventSink to deal with JCSSManager events
JavascriptJQueryEventSink EventSink to deal with JCSSManager events
JavascriptJQueryUIEventSink EventSink to catch JCSSManager events
JavascriptWYMEditorEventSink EventSink to deal with JCSSManager events
JCSSManager Helepr class for JCSSMAnager
JCSSManagerCompressCSSCommand Compress CSS
JCSSManagerCompressJSCommand Compress JS
JQuery Helper for using JQuery
JQueryUI Helper for using JQueryUI, defines widgets and dependencies
LetterParameterizedRouteHandler Handle a single, lowercase letter (sl-type)
LoggedInSwitchCacheManager Cache manager that caches two versions: One for logged in users and one for guests
LoginknownUsersBaseCommand Login known user command to be overloaded
LoginknownUsersCommand Login known user
LoginUsersBaseCommand Login command to be overloaded
LoginUsersCommand Login
LogoutUsersBaseCommand Logout command to be overloaded
LogoutUsersCommand Logout
MailNotificationsCommand Send a notification mail, if necessary
MarkallasreadNotificationsCommand Mark all notifications of user as read
MarkreadNotificationsCommand Mark notification as read
Md5Hash Calculates an MD5 hash
MemcacheCacheItem Cache Item for Memcache
MemcacheSession Redirect session to write to Memcache
NewssitemapController Created on 15.06.2007
Notifications Facade class for notifications model
NotificationsController There are some routes to handle for notifications
NotificationsExceptions Facade class for notification exceptions
NotificationsExcludeRoute This routes auto-generates a token if given a notification otherwiese takes current user to generate it
NotificationsSettings Facade for notofocation settings
NotifyallUsersCommand Send a notification to ALL users
NotifyUsersCommand Send a notification to user
NumletterParameterizedRouteHandler Handle a single lowercase letter or 0-9 as numeric type
OnetimeloginConfirmationHandler Confirm onetime login (lost password)
Pas2fHash Calculates a hash using PHPPass 0.2 in full mode
Pas2pHash Calculates a hash using PHPPass 0.2 in portable mode
Pas3fHash Calculates a hash using PHPPass 0.3 in full mode
Pas3pHash Calculates a hash using PHPPass 0.3 in portable mode
PermanentLogins Helper functions around permant logins
PrivateRigidEtagOnlyCacheHeaderManager This cache header manager allows the client to store a page but forces it to revalidate, which though is checked only against the etag
ProcessSchedulerBaseCommand Run the next job in scheduler list
ProcessSchedulerCommand Run the next job in scheduler list
RegisterUsersBaseCommand Register command to be overloaded
RegisterUsersCommand Register
Rescheduler24hours Default reschaeduler: Only run once
ReschedulerBase A base class for recheduling
ReschedulerDiehard1 Run several times
ReschedulerDiehard2 Run twice
ReschedulerDiehard3 Run twice
ReschedulerRushhour1 Run every hour
ReschedulerRushhour2 Run every 2 hours
ReschedulerRushhour3 Run every 3 hours
ReschedulerTerminator1 Default reschaeduler: Only run once
ReschedulerTerminator2 Run twice
ReschedulerTerminator3 Run three times
RescheduleSchedulerBaseCommand Reschedule a given task
RescheduleSchedulerCommand Reschedule a given task
RestartsessionUsersBaseCommand Restart session before logign in user - created salted session id
RestartsessionUsersCommand Login
RSSWriter Build RSS file, targeted by FeedWriter class
Scheduler Scheduler facade class
SchedulerBaseController SchedulerController
SearchIndexBaseController Defines a view route for searching
SearchIndexController Controller for Searching Index
SearchIndexModelRule Contains rules for indexing a single model
SearchIndexRepository Repository for search index
Sha1Hash Calculates an SHA1 hash
SocialBookmark Holds information about a bookmark
SocialBookmarking Sets and services provides by the SocialBookmarking module
SocialBookmarkingEventSink EventSink to deal with JCSSManager events
SphinxIndexRotateCommand Rotates (reindex) given index
StaticPageData Contains current page data
StatusAnyUsersCommand Command to set status
StatusReadNotificationsCommand Command to set status to read
TemplatedBlock A block that renders itself from a template
TemplatedFullBlock A block that renders itself only from a template and can be passed parameters
TemplatedParameterizedBlock A block that renders itself from a template and can be passed parameters
TemplatedSimpleBlock A block that renders itself only from a template and can be passed parameters
TextHtmlEventSink EventSink to catch view rendering events
TextPlaceholderBase Basic implementation of a text placeholder
TextPlaceholders Collects and processes placeholders
Tokens Facade for tokens
Tristate Provides tristate logic
Tweets Facade for stored tweets
UnidecodestringParameterizedRouteHandler Handle ansi unidecoded string (the "spu" type)
UpdateUsersBaseCommand Update a user
UpdateUsersCommand Update a user
UserBaseController Basic user controller, offers log in, logout etc
UserRoles Helpers for user role retrieval
Users Usermanagement Business Logic
UsersAccessControl User Access Control for Users
UsersViewEventSink Catch view events to extend rendering
ValidateemailConfirmationHandler Confirm current email address
ValidateUsersBaseCommand Validate a user before create, update etc
ValidateUsersCommand Validate a user
ViewFactoryCacheHeaders Overload View Factory to create PageViews with overloaded cache headers
ViewFactoryJCSSManager Overload View Factory to cope with
ViewFactoryStaticPageData Overload View Factory to catch recent content view's PageData
Votes Facade class for votes
VotesAggregates Facade class for vote aggregates
VotingController Controller for Voting related actions
WidgetAlphaList Prints list, and ALPHA pager
WidgetAlphaPager Prints letter bar
WidgetBookmarking Prints social bookmarking list
WidgetJCSS Print CSS and JS includes
WidgetLatestNotifications Shows latest notifications
WidgetSearchIndexSearchBox Widget that prints a search box
WidgetTree A widgets that prints a tree, consisting of nested
WidgetTweets Output twitter messages of airline
WidgetVotingForm A widget to print a voting result
WidgetVotingResult A widget to print a voting result
WidgetYAMLSubtemplates Prints YAML subtemplates
WYMEditor Component to include WYMEditor on your page
WYMEditorConfig WYMEditor config
XCacheCacheItem Cache Item for XCache
XCacheSession Redirect session to write to XCache