IRenderer Interface Reference

Interface for all elements that render content. More...

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HeadData IBlock IView IWidget RendererChain BlockBase ViewBase InputWidgetBaseBase WidgetActionLink WidgetBlock WidgetBreadcrumb WidgetDebugBlock WidgetFilter WidgetFilterText WidgetInput WidgetItemMenu WidgetItemMenuItem WidgetList WidgetListItem WidgetListSimple WidgetPager WidgetSorter

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Public Member Functions

  render ($policy=self::NONE)
  Renders what should be rendered.

Public Attributes

const  NONE = false

Detailed Description

Interface for all elements that render content.

Gerd Riesselmann

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Member Function Documentation

IRenderer::render ( policy = self::NONE  ) 

Renders what should be rendered.

int  $policy Defines how to render, meaning depends on implementation
string The rendered content

Implemented in BlockBase, HeadData, RendererChain, ContentViewBase, PageViewBase, ViewBase, WidgetActionLink, WidgetBlock, WidgetBreadcrumb, WidgetDebugBlock, WidgetFilter, WidgetFilterText, InputWidgetBaseBase, WidgetInput, WidgetListSimple, WidgetList, WidgetListItem, WidgetItemMenu, WidgetItemMenuItem, WidgetPager, WidgetSorter, and ConsolePageView.

Member Data Documentation

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