JCSSManagerCompressJSYuiCommand Class Reference

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JCSSManagerCompressBaseYuiCommand JCSSManagerCompressBaseCommand CommandDelegate ICommand IAction ISerializable

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Protected Member Functions

  get_db_type ()
  Returns type of compressed file.
  invoke_yui ($in_file, $out_file)
  Invoke YUICOmpressor.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4 of file compress.js.cmd.php.

Member Function Documentation

JCSSManagerCompressJSYuiCommand::get_db_type (  )  [protected]

Returns type of compressed file.

string One of TYPE_X constants

Reimplemented from JCSSManagerCompressBaseCommand.

Definition at line 21 of file compress.js.cmd.php.

00021                                          {
00022                 return JCSSManager::TYPE_JS;
00023         }
JCSSManagerCompressJSYuiCommand::invoke_yui ( in_file,
) [protected]

Invoke YUICOmpressor.

string  $in_file
string  $out_file

Reimplemented from JCSSManagerCompressBaseYuiCommand.

Definition at line 12 of file compress.js.cmd.php.

00012                                                            {
00013                 return $this->run_yui($in_file, $out_file, 'js');
00014         }

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