SocialBookmarkingEventSink Class Reference

EventSink to deal with JCSSManager events. More...

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Public Member Functions

  on_event ($event_name, $event_params, &$result)
  Invoked to handle events.

Detailed Description

EventSink to deal with JCSSManager events.

Gerd Riesselmann

Definition at line 8 of file socialbookmarking.eventsink.php.

Member Function Documentation

SocialBookmarkingEventSink::on_event ( event_name,
&$  result  

Invoked to handle events.

Events can be anything, and they are invoked through the router One event is "cron", it has no parameters

string  Event name
mixed  Event parameter(s)

Implements IEventSink.

Definition at line 18 of file socialbookmarking.eventsink.php.

00018                                                                        {
00019                 if ($event_name == 'jcssmanager_compress') {
00020                         switch($event_params) {
00021                                 case JCSSManager::TYPE_CSS:
00022                                         $result['socialbookmarking'] = array('css/socialbookmarking.css');
00023                                         break;
00024                         }
00025                 }
00026         }

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