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CLEditor config. More...

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Public Member Functions

  apply (PageData $page_data, $name)
  Apply it.

Public Attributes

  $init_file = 'js/cleditor/default.js'
  $lang = ''
  $plugins = array()

Detailed Description

CLEditor config.

Gerd Riesselmann

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Member Function Documentation

CLEditorConfig::apply ( PageData page_data,

Apply it.

PageData  $page_data
string  $name Name of editor, can be found as class "rte_$name" on HTML textareas

Implements IRichtTextEditor.

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00097                                                           {
00098                 CLEditor::enable($page_data, $this);
00099         }

Member Data Documentation

CLEditorConfig::$init_file = 'js/cleditor/default.js'

Definition at line 82 of file cleditor.cls.php.

CLEditorConfig::$lang = ''

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CLEditorConfig::$plugins = array()

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