DAOCountriesgroups Class Reference

Model class for country groups. More...

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DataObjectBase ISelfDescribing IDataObject IActionSource ISearchAdapter IDBTable IDBWhereHolder

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Public Member Functions

  get_description ()
  Get description for this instance.
  get_title ()
  Get title for this class.

Public Attributes


Protected Member Functions

  create_table_object ()
  Create table definition.

Detailed Description

Model class for country groups.

The ID space of countriesgroups is divided into three segments:

  • 1-99: Reserved for use by this module
  • 100-999: Reserved for use by other contributions.
  • 1000-: May be used by applications. Autoincrement pointer is set to 1000, so your application can insert groups without setting a fixed ID
Gerd Riesselmann

Definition at line 14 of file countriesgroups.model.php.

Member Function Documentation

DAOCountriesgroups::create_table_object (  )  [protected]

Create table definition.


Reimplemented from DataObjectBase.

Definition at line 25 of file countriesgroups.model.php.

00025                                              {
00026         return new DBTable(
00027                         'countriesgroups',
00028             array(
00029                                 new DBFieldInt('id', null, DBFieldInt::UNSIGNED | DBFieldInt::AUTOINCREMENT | DBField::NOT_NULL),
00030                                 new DBFieldText('name', 50, null, DBField::NOT_NULL),
00031                                 new DBFieldText('abbrevation', 10, null, DBField::NONE),
00032                                 new DBFieldEnum('type', array_keys(Countries::get_group_types(), Countries::GROUP_TYPE_NONE, DBField::NOT_NULL))
00033                         ),
00034                         'id'
00035         );
00036     }
DAOCountriesgroups::get_description (  ) 

Get description for this instance.


Implements ISelfDescribing.

Definition at line 56 of file countriesgroups.model.php.

00056                                           {
00057                 return '';
00058         }
DAOCountriesgroups::get_title (  ) 

Get title for this class.


Implements ISelfDescribing.

Definition at line 47 of file countriesgroups.model.php.

00047                                     {
00048                 return tr($this->name, 'countries');
00049         }

Member Data Documentation


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