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A block that renders itself from a template. More...

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BlockBase IBlock IRenderer TemplatedParameterizedBlock TemplatedFullBlock TemplatedSimpleBlock

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Public Member Functions

  __construct ($name, $title, $template, $index=1000, $position=self::LEFT)
  get_content ()
  Get content of block (HTML).
  render ($policy=self::NONE)
  Renders what should be rendered.

Protected Member Functions

  configure_view ($view)
  Configure the view.
  create_view ($template)
  Create and configure the view.

Protected Attributes

  $template = ''
  $view_is_rendered = false

Detailed Description

A block that renders itself from a template.

The block instance is available as $block within the template. So you may change title or name like this:

 $block->set_title('New title');
Gerd Riesselmann

Definition at line 16 of file templated.block.cls.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TemplatedBlock::__construct ( name,
index = 1000,
position = self::LEFT  


string  $name The name of this block. Used as class, too
string  $title The title of the block. Displayed as heading, e.g.
string  $template The template to render
integer  $index The block's index. A block with lowest index will be displayed first
enum  $position Where the block is to be displayed.

Reimplemented from BlockBase.

Definition at line 29 of file templated.block.cls.php.

00029                                                                                                    {
00030                 parent::__construct($name, $title, '', $index, $position);
00031                 $this->template = $template;
00032         }

Member Function Documentation

TemplatedBlock::configure_view ( view  )  [protected]

Configure the view.

IView  $view

Reimplemented in TemplatedParameterizedBlock.

Definition at line 52 of file templated.block.cls.php.

00052                                                  {
00053                 // to be overloaded
00054         }
TemplatedBlock::create_view ( template  )  [protected]

Create and configure the view.

string  $template The template

Definition at line 40 of file templated.block.cls.php.

00040                                                   {
00041                 $view = ViewFactory::create_view(IViewFactory::MESSAGE, $template, $page_data);
00042                 $view->assign('block', $this);
00043                 $this->configure_view($view);                                   
00044                 return $view;
00045         }
TemplatedBlock::get_content (  ) 

Get content of block (HTML).


Reimplemented from BlockBase.

Definition at line 61 of file templated.block.cls.php.

00061                                       {
00062                 if (!$this->view_is_rendered) {
00063                         $this->view_is_rendered = true;
00064                         $view = $this->create_view($this->template);
00065                         $this->set_content($view->render());
00066                 }
00067                 return parent::get_content();
00068         }
TemplatedBlock::render ( policy = self::NONE  ) 

Renders what should be rendered.

int  $policy Defines how to render, meaning depends on implementation
string The rendered content

Reimplemented from BlockBase.

Definition at line 76 of file templated.block.cls.php.

00076                                                    {
00077                 if (!$this->view_is_rendered) {
00078                         $this->get_content();
00079                 }               
00080                 return parent::render($policy);
00081         }               

Member Data Documentation

TemplatedBlock::$template = '' [protected]

Definition at line 18 of file templated.block.cls.php.

TemplatedBlock::$view_is_rendered = false [protected]

Definition at line 17 of file templated.block.cls.php.

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