Gyro-PHP is a PHP application framework offering Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. It also comes with an extensive behavior layer based upon the command design pattern.

About Gyro-PHP

Short overview on what it does

Installing and Setting Up A New Project

First steps using the Gyro-PHP Framework

Routing, Controllers, and Views

Create a simple playground and play along with it

Status: Gyro-PHP Error Handling

One of the many epic discussions in software development is the question of exceptions versus return values. Gyro-PHP uses exception for really, really bad errors, but else relies on a special return value.

Accent Folding and Unicode Transliteration

Unicode extends the amount of characters your users may use, and applications should be able to handle even ambiguous input. The following article explains, how Gyro-PHP helps you with this.

Sites using the Gyro-PHP Web Application Framework

A list of sites build with the Gyro-PHP application framework.