DAOCountriestranslations Class Reference

Model class for translation of country names. More...

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DataObjectBase IDataObject IActionSource ISearchAdapter IDBTable IDBWhereHolder

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Protected Member Functions

  create_table_object ()
  Create table definition.

Detailed Description

Model class for translation of country names.

Gerd Riesselmann

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Member Function Documentation

DAOCountriestranslations::create_table_object (  )  [protected]

Create table definition.


Reimplemented from DataObjectBase.

Definition at line 18 of file countriestranslations.model.php.

00018                                              {
00019         return new DBTable(
00020             'countriestranslations',
00021             array(
00022                 new DBFieldText('id_country', 2, null, DBField::NOT_NULL),
00023                 new DBFieldText('lang', 5, null, DBField::NOT_NULL),
00024                 new DBFieldText('name', 50, null, DBField::NOT_NULL),
00025             ),
00026             array('id_country', 'lang'),
00027             new DBRelation(
00028                 'countries',
00029                 new DBFieldRelation('id_country', 'id')
00030             )
00031         );
00032     }

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