UsersViewEventSink Class Reference

Catch view events to extend rendering. More...

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Public Member Functions

  on_event ($name, $params, &$result)
  Invoked to handle events.

Detailed Description

Catch view events to extend rendering.

Gerd Riesselmann

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Member Function Documentation

UsersViewEventSink::on_event ( name,
&$  result  

Invoked to handle events.

Implements IEventSink.

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00012                                                            {
00013                 switch($name) {
00014                         case 'view_before_render':
00015                                 $view = $params['view'];
00016                                 $view->assign('current_user', Users::get_current_user());
00017                                 $view->assign('is_logged_in', Users::is_logged_in());
00018                                 break;
00019                         default:
00020                                 break;
00021                 }
00022         }       

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