ReschedulerTerminator2 Class Reference

Run twice. More...

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ReschedulerBase IRescheduler

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Protected Member Functions

  get_schedules ()
  Returns all schedules for this policy as array.

Detailed Description

Run twice.

Definition at line 7 of file terminator2.rescheduler.php.

Member Function Documentation

ReschedulerTerminator2::get_schedules (  )  [protected]

Returns all schedules for this policy as array.

Array index is number of runs done, value is the difference to last run in seconds


Reimplemented from ReschedulerBase.

Definition at line 15 of file terminator2.rescheduler.php.

00015                                            {
00016                 return array(
00017                         0 => GyroDate::ONE_HOUR
00018                 );
00019         }

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