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Caches content client side, but not server side. More...

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NoCacheCacheManager ConstantCacheManager ICacheManager

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Public Member Functions

  __construct ($duration=false, $header_manager=false)

Detailed Description

Caches content client side, but not server side.

Definition at line 5 of file binaries.cachemanager.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BinariesCacheManager::__construct ( duration = false,
header_manager = false  


int  $duration Cache duration , defaults to value set in ConfigBinaries::CLIENT_CACHE_DURATION
ICacheHeaderManager  $header_manager Defaults to class et in ConfigBinaries::CACHEHEADER_CLASS

Reimplemented from NoCacheCacheManager.

Definition at line 12 of file binaries.cachemanager.php.

00012                                                                                 {
00013                 if (empty($duration)) {
00014                         $duration = Config::get_value(ConfigBinaries::CLIENT_CACHE_DURATION);
00015                 }
00016                 if (empty($header_manager)) {
00017                         $header_manager = CacheHeaderManagerFactory::create(Config::get_value(ConfigBinaries::CACHEHEADER_CLASS));
00018                 }
00019                 parent::__construct($duration, $header_manager);
00020         }       

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