About Gyro-PHP

Gyro-PHP is a PHP application framework offering Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. It also comes with an extensive behavior layer based upon the command design pattern. This makes it easy to write complex, yet transaction-safe code. Commands offer undo functionality, too.

Out of the box solutions

Gyro-PHP comes with a set of modules and contributions to make every day web development tasks easier. User management, full text searching, sitemaps, CSS and JavaScript compressing and many other common features: It’s all already there, and new contributions are added frequently.


Gyro-PHP is profiled and optimized regularly using real word applications, not abstract test cases. Of course, Gyro-PHP can - and should! - be used with opcode caches as XCache, APC, and others.

Gyro-PHP’s performance can even be enhanced by utilizing memory for cache and session handling. This is as easy as stating Load::enable_module(‘cache.xcache’).

However, having fast code alone does not make a high performance web site. Gyro-PHP additionally supports developing really fast sites by:

Using Gyro-PHP, a lot of the 14 rules for faster-loading web sites can be fullfilled easily.

Internationalization and Localization? Check!

Gyro-PHP is developed with localization and translations in mind. It will respect language settings, when it comes to outputing or inputing numbers, dates, etc. Translations are simple to use and always use the string to translate as a fallback, so a site stays usable even if a translation is missing. And of course it supports UTF-8, but also any other charset.


Gyro-PHP has build in security features for the four most common types of attacks: