Executes updates and installs new modules. More...


class   DAOSystemupdates
  Table for systemupdate version control. More...
class   InstalledValidator
  Tools for checking if some third party tools are installed. More...
class   SystemupdateController
  Controller for system update calls. More...
class   SystemUpdateInstaller
  Class to help installing stuff. More...
class   SystemUpdates
  Facade for System Update information. More...

Detailed Description

Executes updates and installs new modules.


Systemupdate executes PHP and SQL scripts in folders app/install and app/install/updates.

If a module is enabled the first time or an app is new, Ssystemupdate will look for files name

  • app/install/install.sql and
  • app/install/install.php

Later must provide a function called "[module name|app]_install", e.g. "app_install" or "coolmodule_install".

Later updates are read from folder app/install/updates. Update files can be either SQL or PHP files and must be named


Version must boil down to a positive integer, may contain leading zeros. Valid filenames would be:

  • 0001_keys_added_to_post_table.sql
  • 2_convert_content_row.php

PHP files must contain a function called "[module name|app]_update_[version]", where version is version of file, but may not contain leading zeros.